Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Green travel: Tips and tricks

Because tourism has a big effect on the environment and communities in an area, more travelers are becoming conscious about the impact of their presence on the places they visit. By adopting "green travel" strategies, tourists help lessen the negative impact of tourism and help preserve these environments. Here are some examples you can follow for your next trip:

Getting from point A to B
Flights with stopovers tend to have larger carbon footprints because take-offs use up more fuel than any other phase of the flight, so it's better to choose a direct flight when possible for the benefit of the environment. You can also go green by renting a hybrid or biofuel car. Even better, you can also bike or walk around. This isn't just good for the environment – you'll also be getting good exercise!

Green accommodations
The increase in eco-conscious tourists means that there are more green hotels for all sorts of budgets. However, it's important to know what makes your chosen resort "green" by researching on the sustainability measures it employs.

Reuse what you can
Bringing a reusable tumbler means you won't have to buy bottled water every time, especially if the local water's potable. Plastic bottles typically travel a long way before you buy them, contributing to carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Similarly, consider taking a reusable shopping bag along so you can avoid having too many plastic bags when you go shopping.

Buy local
Instead of buying items that had to be flown or shipped in, consider purchasing local produce or handicrafts. This is a good way to support the economy, and is eco-friendly to boot. That said, take care not to buy products made from protected plants or animals.

Offset your carbon footprint
You can do this by flying "carbon neutral" with an airline that offers carbon offset programs or purchase carbon credits to support reforestation, energy efficiency, renewable energy projects, and the like.

These are just some of the many ways we can make sure that our vacations are as eco-friendly as possible. As you can see, being a responsible tourist doesn't have to be too difficult. All it needs is awareness and love for the environment.

Source:  Green travel: Tips and tricks

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